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This is the Live Journal community for members, alumni, and prospective students of the College of Humanities at Carleton University. The community is here to provide a forum for discussion on various Hums-related topics. It should be an excellent way to promote Humanities events, ask questions related to classes and programs, and interact online with your fellow Hums students, both socially and intellectually.

When you join, please fill out the following information in an introductory post:

Year of Entry:
Stream (and any double majors/minors if you are in Stream B):
Why you chose the Humanities:

Please keep in mind that this is a community for the College of Humanities, and all entries should be relevant to the College.

bhums is also home to the Humanities Deathmatch Challenge. In 2006 we determined which of 16 professors in the college was the mightiest in a series of battles to the death, and this year the competition has been opened to deities, philosophers, authors and figures we study in our four years in the College. It's all in good fun, so please, participate!

The rules of the game are as follows:

1) Each week a match will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You have until the next match is posted to vote. You can change who you are voting for at any time before the next match is posted. Only one vote per person (or IP address for anonymous posts) will be accepted.

2) In the event of a tie, and additional post will be put up before the next match. The first person to comment and vote on that post (even if they have voted before) will break the tie.

3) Make your votes as funny as possible. Every match, one commentary (or two, if I can't choose) will be chosen as that day's featured commentary.

4) Have fun, and recruit as many people into the voting as possible, because the more votes we get, the more fun will be had.

This competition is inspired by whosdaboss, so all credit goes to its creator, Ed Staples.